Our Causes:

One of our many family visits to Boston Children's Hospital during one of Seth's in-patient stays.

ATRT Research

ATRT research is near and dear to our hearts.  The survival rate is low and we want to change that by helping to fund ATRT specific research. 

Financial Assistance

During Seth's treatment we received financial assistance that allowed us to focus on caring for Seth and not about paying the mortgage and keeping the lights on at home.

We want to do the same for other families with children going through cancer treatment

The top priority should be caring for and being with your child not financial worries.

Boston Children's Hospital

Boston Children's Hospital, specifically the 9 North floor, will always hold a special place in our heart.  They were our second family during Seth's illness and we still keep in touch afterwards.  We want to help the 9th floor make other kids smile the way they did Seth and Sadie during her visits with arts & craft supplies, toys, and nursing education. 

Support Bereavement Services

After Seth passed away we were looking for help and struggling.  We don't want others to have to feel the same way.  We want to support existing bereavement services and help them flourish.